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The unique AnOxident balance mouth care range is an essential part of your daily diabetes care plan.

The products have been specially developed to protect your teeth and gums from the high levels of glucose present in your saliva which can contribute to significant diabetes-related oral problems.


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Copyright, Trademark And Patents

AnOxident balance® is a registered trade mark of Taradon Laboratory.

The AnOxident balance® products are certified by the Ministry of Health of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg for free sale as Class 1 medical devices.

The mode of action of the AnOxident balance® range incorporates naturally occurring mechanisms which have been clinically proven to be effective in helping support and maintain human health.

The formulations are covered by several patents and in particular:

Antimicrobial composition and uses thereof: WO 2008/003688 – US 8,263,138

Inventor: Dr. Jean Paul Perraudin


The present invention relates to a composition comprising - at least one ion selected from hypohalite, - at least one compound selected from lactoferrin, lactoferrin peptide, lysozyme, immunoglobulins or a combination thereof, - optionally hypothiocyanite, and- optionally at least one growth factor.

The present invention also relates to the use of said compositions for prophylactic and/or therapeutic medicinal applications, or plant protection applications, in particular for the control of microorganisms, either planktonic or organized in biofilms.

Method for production of lactoferrin: WO 2010/112988

Inventor:  Dr. Jean Paul Perraudin


The invention concerns a method for production of lactoferrin comprising at least the steps of:

  1. submitting the milk or colostrum to a treatment in order to obtain a solution of Lactenin (LN) or Milk Basic Protein (MBP)
  2. submitting the LN or MBP to a step of purification on a cation exchange resin equilibrated with a buffer at a pH between 4 and 9 and eluted with different buffers containing different solute concentrations.
  3. collecting a fraction containing Lactoferrin having more than 98% of purity, having no polymers and substantially free of lipopolysaccharides (LPS) or endotoxins and angiogenin
  4. this lactoferrin contains an iron saturation level comprised between 9% to 15%