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The unique AnOxident balance mouth care range is an essential part of your daily diabetes care plan.

The products have been specially developed to protect your teeth and gums from the high levels of glucose present in your saliva which can contribute to significant diabetes-related oral problems.


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General Terms

1. Realisation and acceptance of an agreement

In this agreement the user will find the contractual rules regarding a) the use of online parapharmacy AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) and b) the orders which the user is currently considering to place through AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us).

By simply visiting and consulting AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) or by placing an order through AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us), the user agrees to the contents and each time a new agreement will be made.

AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) also maintains the right to modify the contractual clauses, with which the publication on the site applies as notification of the change. The further use of the website will be considered as an acceptance of the modified terms.

AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) maintains the right to ask for additional information for the safety and security of the customer and if there is a lack thereof the execution of the order can be refused. Also, if the order shows that the purchaser has the intent to resell the products, AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) can refuse to execute the order.

Other conditions (e.g. those of the purchaser) will therefore never apply, unless AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) prior and written consented to the abnormal condition(s).

The user also acknowledges that by placing an order, he unconditionally accepts the terms and conditions. The validation of an order is thus an acceptance of the general terms and conditions.

By the acceptance of the agreement, the user acknowledges that he a) previously had the possibility to read - prior to its acceptance - the agreement b) if necessary, to negotiate the content, clause by clause and c) to print or to store them.

The user accepts that the evidence of his prior inspection and aforementioned negotiation by AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) can be delivered by the acceptance of the agreement by the user.

2. Concepts

2.1 AnOxident: the website where the products are offered and sold to the customers. All domain names (.eu,, .it,, .us) and the linked domain names are mentioned under the name AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us).

AnOxident is a trade name of Taradon Personal Care, located 30 Dernier Sol, L-2543, Luxembourg.

2.2 Client: Any natural or legal person, legally competent and over 18 who places an order at AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us).

2.3 Order: The request by the client to conclude a sales agreement between the parapharmacy AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) and the client of the online parapharmacy AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) regarding the products offered through AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us).

2.4 Product sheet: Shows the information (text, photos, subdivision into specific category) about a product for sale through AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us).

2.5 Products: All goods offered for sale on AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us).

2.6 Transaction: The total of operations, safety obligations, authorisation processes and agreements inherent to the payment of products ordered by credit card or any other means of virtual transaction through the AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) website.

3. Products and property abalienation

Only products for which a product sheet was added to the AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) website can be the subject of a sale.

4. Client

Each visitor has the possibility to register as a user, after which he then may proceed to place orders. The thus generated access to AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) is personal and is restricted to legally competent adults. The user agrees to not let third parties use his login details and password and to prevent abuse by third parties. AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) reserves the right to impose additional identification measures (use of the electronic identity card for example). In case of (suspected) unlawful or forbidden use, AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) is allowed to delete the user's registration, unabated the right of AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) to impose liability on the user.

5. Important warning prior to ordering

5.1 The information provided by AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) is composed with the utmost care and regularly checked and updated, but is purely informative. It will never replace a diagnosis or advice, because AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) can't be aware of the full medical history of each user. The packaging and the information on the packaging of the products that we sell through our websites are in French and Dutch.

5.2 AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) keeps information about the previous orders of a user, but this information is only used for logistical reasons (replenishing the stock for example). The user should not assume that the history of his orders, will lead to an automatic warning.

5.3 If the user is unsure about the suitability of a particular product, AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) formally recommends to not order the product, to cancel the order of the product or - if it has already been delivered -to not use the product (further), without having consulted an expert doctor first.

5.4 AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) emphasises that the legal and deontological rules can result in the halt of a placed order, if the order - in the opinion of AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) - is not in accordance with the aforementioned rules.

5.5 The packaging and the information on the packaging of the products that we sell through our websites are in French and Dutch. If the delivery address of your order is outside Belgium, The Netherlands or France the packaging and the information on the packaging shall not be in the official language(s) of your country. If you order on our websites, you agree with this. We shall do our best to publish product information in different languages on our websites. We invite you to contact our customer care service if you have any further questions.

6. Order

6.1 All the information that the client sends to AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) (input of data inherent to the order) is binding. AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) can in no way be held responsible for any erroneous entry of destination information or health information. AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) can also not be held responsible for delays concerning the delivery or the inability to deliver ordered products.

6.2 The automatic registration systems naturally offer a proof of the contents and date of the order.

6.3 After receiving the application for ordering AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) confirms to the client the acceptance of the order by sending a confirmation to the email address that the client has communicated when registering his order. The sale will be completed no earlier than the date of dispatch of the confirmation of the order.

6.4 In general and without further explanation needed, AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order, including the case of payment problems with the order in question or a dispute concerning the payment of a previous order.

6.5 The order is only final once a) AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) has accepted this and b) the client has paid the full amount including postage to AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us), in accordance with the designated payment method.

6.6 The majority of products are in stock. If an ordered product is not available or not immediately in stock, AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) will inform the client via email about the delay of the delivery. If the client does not agree with the delay, he may modify or cancel his order.

7. Price

7.1 The price is always in Euros and VAT included. The price listed on the product sheet does not correspond with the costs related to transportation.

7.2 The price mentioned in the order confirmation is the final price and expresses all associated costs including VAT. That price includes the price of goods, the handling costs, packaging costs and storage of the products and the transport costs.

7.3 AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) reserves the right to change the price at any time, but the products are billed based on the prevailing rates at time of registration of the orders.

8. Payment

8.1 The price of the goods is payable by a cash payment or by one of the resources presented on the day of order.

8.2 The protection against fraudulent use of the means of payment used for the transaction, particularly as a result of piracy against possible disputes of payment of money orders is assured by the company Ogone.

8.3 The order validated by the client is not effective until the institution for the secured bank payment and the company Ogone have given their agreement on the implementation of the transaction. In case of refusal of the institution for the secured bank payment or of the company Ogone, the order will be canceled automatically and the client will be notified via email.

8.4 The information about the order is part of an automated processing of data for which Ogone is responsible. This automated data processing aims to fight against bank card fraud. Ogone and AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) are the data receivers in relation to the order. The absence of data in relation to the order prevents the realisation and analysis of the transaction. In the event of fraudulent use of a bank card, a false statement or an anomaly, the data in relation to the corresponding order and the non-payment can be subjected to an intake into a file of payment incident.

9. Delivery

9.1 The deliveries are made to the specified delivery address, after confirmation of the order by AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) and acceptance of payment by the institution entrusted with the transaction, within 2 working days for orders placed within Belgium or The Netherlands.

9.2 By placing an order, the client commits himself to the settlement of reception of the goods, all taxes, duties and other current and future costs due to the title of delivery of the ordered goods. The solidary liability of the AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) can not apply in that respect.

9.3 The deliveries are mainly made by DPD in all lands, except France. Deliveries in France are usually made by Colissimo.

AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) maintains the right to use Exapaq (via DPD) as an alternative for Colissimo. The rates of delivery and time are available on uk.AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us). No compensation can be claimed from AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) or from the carrier by the client in case of late delivery.

9.4 Upon reception of the ordered goods, the customer or the recipient must check the good condition of the delivered goods and inspect the terms of use and instructions that were provided to him. Assuming that one or more of the ordered products is defective or damaged, the customer or the recipient must notify the carrier of the defect immediately at the time of delivery.

9.5 If the package is not received despite several passages of the carrier (maximum 3 passages), it is then returned to AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) and the recipient gets notified via email. An additional delivery may be requested by the client, but he will bear the costs of this (even if the first shipment was free). When receiving communication of non-reception of an order, AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) will take into account the data obtained by DPD regarding the delivery. If these tracking data indicate reception of the package, there can be no compensation measure expected from AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us).

9.6 The buyer must inspect the delivered goods immediately upon reception. If the supplied goods do not correspond exactly with the order, present a defect (a crack for example) or are incomplete, the buyer must immediately inform AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) via email.

9.7 Clients or recipients of the goods shall refrain from any partial or full resale.

10. Right of Withdrawal

10.1 In accordance with the applicable legislation in the field of distance selling (EU Directive 2011/83/EU), the client has the right to renounce his purchase without punishments and without giving reasons. The client has a period of 14 calendar days, starting from the day on which the ordered goods were received, to return them to AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) for exchange or refund. To obtain the refund or exchange, the client must send back the new products (with delivery note) at his own expense and under his own responsibility. The new products will have to be returned, in their original packaging, undamaged and accompanied by any accessories (such as manuals and documentation), to the following address: Taradon Personal Care, located 30 Dernier Sol, L-2543, Luxembourg.

10.2 If the goods are sent to AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) under the right conditions and within the right time, AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) will return the payments made by the client, and this without costs. If the delivery costs were initially borne by AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) (commanded by an amount which led to "free shipping" or in the event of promotion), then those costs will be deducted from the amount to be repaid by the client. The restitution intervenes in a time period of maximum 14 days, starting from the day on which AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) received the merchandise.

10.3. There is a Right of Withdrawal that only applies prior to the shipment of a package. This renouncement must be sent to us via the contact page.

11. Warranty

11.1 With his agreement, AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) only guarantees the proper delivery of the products on the basis of data provided by the buyer. AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) never guarantees that you'll achieve a certain result. The quality and usability of the products supplied by AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) is shown on the product leaflet of the manufacturer. The products supplied by AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) are in the packaging of the manufacturer. The buyer is obligated to read the instructions and terms of use of the manufacturer prior to using the products. In case something is not clear or there is doubt, contact AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) prior to using the products.

11.2 In no case can AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) be held responsible for disrespect of legislation and regulations in the receiving country. Any liability of AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) is exclusively limited to the value of the product in question, as determined by the date of sale.

11.3 AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) does not guarantee that the use of this website would be free of viruses and / or other harmful elements or programs, nor that the links on this website to other websites, would be free of viruses and / or other harmful elements or programs, and thus hereby will not take any responsibility in general and for damage. The reference (link) to other websites does not contain a recommendation or warranty (inter alia for the accuracy and completeness of its contents, its availability, its being virus free) regarding these other websites.

12. Liability

12.1 AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) is not responsible for any technical defects in the packaged goods or for any incorrect statements in the product leaflet of the manufacturer. AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) is not liable for the tolerability and suitability of the products and the resultant incidental adverse consequences. AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) can also not be held liable if the defect or damage is due to lack of care, insufficient specialised follow-up, careless compliance with the instructions and terms of use of the manufacturer, inattention or carelessness.

12.2 AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) can also not be held liable for possible changes in the products made by manufacturers.

12.3 The liability of AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) will in any case be limited to the amount of the order and cannot be doubted for minor errors or omissions that could have occurred despite the precautions taken in the presentation of the goods. Also, the photographs presented on the site are provided purely for an illustrative cause. In no case can a modification of the packaging or of the contents of a good be invoked in the event of deviation in comparison with the photograph available on the site. The references disclosed in the product descriptions are purely indicative. The client must carefully read the message displayed by the manufacturer on or in the packaging of the product. It is that message that contains the information (including the dosages and contraindications) that the user should respect.

12.4 AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) can in no case be held responsible for the modification of the terms of use, interruption or discontinuance of the website, or only limited access to the website.

13. Intellectual property rights

The texts, photographs, drawings, films, images, data, e-shop product database, software, names, trade names and domain names, brands, logos and other components of AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) are protected by intellectual rights and belong to AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) or third parties.

It is prohibited to, without prior written consent of AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us), store the offered information (except if required to view the website), reproduce, modify, publish, distribute or send, sell or in any other way transfer or grant any rights to a third party, on penalty of damages.

14. Data protection and privacy

14.1 The collection of personal information is required by law in the case of distance selling. This information is essential in order to correctly process and send orders. If this data is missing or incomplete, the order can be declared invalid.

14.2 In the event that personal data and information is requested, you can be sure that this information is handled by AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) in accordance with the law of 8 December 1992 on protection of privacy. The user has a right to inspect, check, improve and delete the data and information. Personal data will not be revealed to third parties.

15. Invalidity

The parties acknowledge that this agreement is balanced, taking into account  the mutual rights and obligations. The invalidity of one of the clauses (or a part of it) does not imply the invalidity of the rest of the clause or the agreement. If a clause would prove invalid, then the parties will be so good as to negotiate a new clause which corresponds with the original agreement as well as possible.

16. Applicable law and jurisdiction

In case of difficulties during the execution of an agreement, client and AnOxident (.eu,, .it,, .us) will, before taking legal actions, examine the possibility of reaching an amicable settlement. If there is no solution possible, only the court of Luxembourg will have jurisdiction over potential claims, regardless of the place of delivery or the residence of the customer. For any dispute, arising from the use of this site and / or any data on it, the Luxembourg law will apply, while in case of dispute the small claims court or the courts of the place of the headquarters have exclusive jurisdiction.